We often get asked about gaps.....

"How do I choose what size space to have in between slats?"

9mm Spaces = Privacy

If you want complete privacy from your screen or balustrade, then we recommend a 9mm space.

9MM, GAP.jpg

40mm Spaces = Some privacy

This is your best choice if you would like to create a break with some privacy, some breeze will also get through and some light.

40MM GAP (2).jpg

60mm Spaces = Open

This spacing is almost equal "spacing to slat ratio" with a 60mm space and 65mm wide slat.

60MM GAP (1).jpg

20mm Spaces = Almost private

This is a good option if you want some privacy but need to let a little light in.

20MM GAP  (2).JPG

50mm Spaces = Allow the breeze

With a 50mm gap (between 65mm wide slats) you will really notice the breezes still come through, you won't get much privacy from this spacing, but it still does break the eye line.

50MM GAP (1).jpg

80mm Spaces = Open 

If you like the look of slats, however you want to keep the area open, allowing full breezes to flow and do not require any privacy then 80mm space might be for you?

A 80MM.jpg